The Piri-Stretcher® is a best-selling home use therapy tool for treating low back, buttocks, and leg pain associated with Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain.

It gently assists you at home to perform a focused piriformis muscle stretch, which helps relax the muscle to relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve.


The Piri-Stretcher® is constructed with high quality neoprene including two flexible straps allowing for a one size custom fit.

The Piri-Stretcher® has an easy to use Hook & Loop fastening system and is designed for two levels of stretching by using the Long Strap for light piriformis stretching and a the short strap for deep muscle stretching.

The Piri-Stretcher® is machine or hand washable and can be used with the satchel for travel.  Order Today!

Additional Piri-Stretcher® benefits:

  • All natural, non-invasive pain relief solution
  • Helps achieve focused and accurate piriformis muscle stretch
  • Compact, portable, easy-to-use at home or office
  • Compact, portable, easy-to-use at home or office
  • Adaptive handle with adjustable custom fit for all sizes
  • High quality, durable construction, machine washable
  • Doctor approved, FDA registered
  • Full color instructional guide
  • Includes complimentary mesh travel satchel (Retail Value $16.95)

Who should use the Piri-Stretcher®

  • Individuals experiencing Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome
  • People with limited flexibility

  • Individuals in jobs requiring sitting for extended periods

  • Individuals with high body fat, stomach, thigh girth

  • People who have neck or shoulder tension

  • Individuals with arthritis in hands

  • Individuals who would benefit from home exercise programs

  • Weekend athletes (runners, cyclists, golfers, equestrian, dancers) & first time marathoners

  • Ages 35 to 80

Piriformis Syndrome & Sciatica Symptoms:

  • Tightness in the lower back or buttocks
  • Large painful knot in the buttocks
  • Burning pain in posterior legs and buttocks
  • Aching lower back
  • Pain radiating down legs
  • Back or buttocks discomfort while sitting
  • Low back pain, buttock pain after walking or running
  • Muscle imbalance, fatigue, inflexibility, soreness